Hi, I'm Philippe!

I was born in Canada what seems to be a long time ago. Somehow, left to my own device (my parents were pretty easy going), I eventually became a gangling nerdy teenager growing too fast for his own good, reading science fiction & fantasy novels, and playing Dungeons & Dragons. Girls were a mystery to me and I secretly envied the jocks and other guys who seemed to just know what to do with their bodies as they went through puberty, and how to socially engage and be cool. My dad was an engineer and my mom was a homemaker, and while I learned how to fix things and work on the house and was raised by amazing parents, there wasn't much in my life that taught me about connecting and interacting with women as a man growing with hormones raging in his body. I hear that in some parts of the world cultures and tribes take young men through rites of passage, but other than the school system, there seemed to be little available to me at the time.

Since then, a lot has changed. 

They say that people teach what they need to learn, and indeed this may be true of many teacher and certainly me. Today, I'm a Love Coach, an event producer with ALive! Events and Ritual Magic Events -- and I have helped produce a number of West Coast Festivals such as the Hawaii Tantra FestivalEnchanted Forest, SoulPlay Festival, and also taught intimacy, connection, consent, relationships, and sensuality at Lucidity Festival, Envision Festival, Lightning in a Bottle and many more! I've not only been teaching men the skills of becoming an exquisite lover, I've also been teaching women about their own body, sensations and orgasms for the last 10+ years. My approach is collaborating and supporting clients in healing past traumas, turning their sex life into a conscious pleasurable connected practice, and finding their inner authority around their desires, pace and boundaries so they can make better choices for themselves and others.

I have yet to see anyone doing it quite like me.

And, more recently, I started to write on Facebook about my experiences and the wisdom I distill from these experiences with my beautiful wife Paget, my friends, my lovers, my community, my tribe, my clients, and everyone else I come in contact with each day I do what I love most. 

You can also see my standard bio here.


Who Am I?

A Human Being

A Man

A Friend

An Explorer

A Father to my son Phoenix

A Husband & Partner to my amazing wife Paget

A Teacher to many incredible friends and loved ones, close and far

A Social Artist & Engineer

A Love Coach

What hats do you wear? 
What roles do you play?
I want (you) to know,
For it is an expression
Of your diversity,
Your birthright,
Your power.

"True goodness is its own kind of heroic. It takes attentive, solemn, unending work to be a good person. It requires skilled humility and having learned a firm, yet supportive self accountability. It requires self love and the honoring of ebb and flow; to be a good person is to recognize when oneself is not doing so and to return to balance. True goodness can not survive unexamined shame, or the avoidance of facing growth of ones own ethic. True goodness is action, not of simply performing external deeds and favors, but of profound personal integrity, and quality apology when having drifted astray of it. It requires giving up, over and over again, the compulsive circular chase for superficial proof of ones goodness. To be a good person means to be under your own constant examination, and to have the willingness and ability to question your ideals and beliefs. True goodness is pure courage." 

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