PODCAST: Love, Sex, What Men Want, What Women Want

About a year ago, my dear friend Lorna Li interviewed me about my favorite topic: the art of becoming an exquisite lover. Now it's finally out!

It's amazing how much can happen in 12 months, how much we grow, how much we learn. When you're on a path, things move rapidly.

This interview is a bit of my journey, a bit of my life, a bit of everything. 

And darn, I must've been excited that day -- and likely a bit nervous -- because I'm speaking FAST! So much to say ;)

Also you'll hear...

- How I found my passion as an intimacy coach
- How I provide support to men and women in relationships
- My primary tools for love coaching
- My vision of sex in our modern-day society
- Stories of clients with powerful transformations after coaching
- What the ‘six indulgences’ of erotic intelligence mean for both sexes
- What it is like working with couples
- The important things in creating positive relationships
- How to use relationships as a crucible for spiritual growth
- The differences of what women and men want in love relationships
- The characteristics of a soulmate relationship

I hope you enjoy it!

Click here to hear the podcast.