I'm so honored to be included as one of the many amazing experts in this article by my friend Maddy Moon! Together we offer amazing value with these practical tips on harmonizing your masculine and your feminine!

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Here’s my piece:

“Your masculine and feminine energy can be experienced as two different energetic/emotional aspects of you: The Brother, who relates to other men as “brothers”, and the Sister, who relates to other women as “sisters”. Because of how we are socialized as we grow up, one is usually less developed than the other. In some cases — especially those who didn’t engage socially with either boys and girls as they grew up — both need to be developed. The trick is to grow them to a degree that they feel mature and in graceful relationship to other brothers and sisters. Do you have close or best friends from the opposite sex? What about of the same sex? Do you have friendships with those you would normally perceive as “other” such that you can feel into them as a mirror for you, as another you?

This tip is simple yet rich: which of your inner Brother or Sister has the least friendships? Ask each of them. Then, consciously allow the one you picked to engage deeply with others and create these friendships such he/she can develop a more harmonious relationship with itself through relationships with others. This is not about “getting” anything from the relationship, but rather about connecting and engaging. Harmony will come from this practice.”

by Philippe Lewis