Classes @ SoulPlay Festival 2019

Classes @ SoulPlay Festival 2019

About SoulPlay Festival

SoulPlay Festival is a multi-day conscious gathering focused on heart-opening connection, personal expansion and blissful dance. As a community, we come together to connect, explore new things, and grow. We will get grounded in our bodies and feel the immense love that is all around us. The love that IS us. 

We invite you experience a new way of being. A way of truth and purity of nature. Whether through movement, speaking, touch, breathing or deep reflection, you will find your truth within, and it will be beautiful.

The classes I will be teaching at SoulPlay Festival:

Attachment Theory: A New Way to Look at Intimacy

Attachment Theory is the remarkable view of relationships that seems to pretty much explain EVERYTHING about how people can be secure or insecure in relationship and how regardless of your attachment style you will be in relationship with people who are both. Knowing about attachment theory and recognizing and knowing how to work with people with various attachment styles is one of the single most useful skills you can have in life.

The Art of Sensation Play

Expand your repertoire of touch skills & role play in this fun, hot & playful class. Learn simple yet powerful ways to interact somatically with others such as caresses, nails, bites/nibbles, light hair pulling, spanking, wrestling, flirting/teasing & more. Then practice fun roles to use these skills with, such as the inner animal, the god/goddess, the nymph, & the fairy. All skills & roles will be taught in a container of consent for a pleasurable & powerful transformation for everyone.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Classes @ Embrace Festival 2019

Classes @ Embrace Festival 2019

Lazy M Lodge (map)

Stay tuned for the full list of classes I will be teaching at Embrace Festival.

More information here:

About Embrace Festival:

Embrace your world – your way!

This festival has been lovingly designed as a safe and supportive place to help you open up and say "Yes" to Life,’while embracing all of you, others, and the divine. Be a part of this amazing experience; as an opportunity to explore your edges, enjoy precious encounters, create deep connections, find community, and expand in bliss.

It will be a wonderful, transformative, juicy way to explore intimacy through the realms of Body - Mind - Heart and Connection, and grow your ability to give, receive and live in love.

Participate in a wide variety of playshops with top-notch presenters from North America sharing their talent through presentations, embodiment practices, ceremony and fun. Some of the topics include: conscious relating, Tantra, communication, mindfulness, yoga, dance, touch, and Men and Women's circles.

You're invited to come by yourself, with a partner or with friends. We welcome all genders, relationship constellations, cultural backgrounds, and experience levels.

Now is the time to embrace all of life, to love, and to celebrate.

Ride the waves of fun and pleasure of a brand new world in our favorite location in beautiful central Alberta. The Lazy M Lodge's mission is to "provide the opportunity to reconnect with self and nature," and to rest, relax, and recharge. This makes it a perfect fit for this festival, with an emphasis on the recharge! This year's festival will bring new energy to your life, and we're happy to be at this wonderful location where the magic can take place.

Accommodation Options

Book a shared room in one of the Lazy M Lodge's facilities $150
Sleep in the great outdoors for the weekend $50
Bring your own tent, RV or trailer!

Driving Distances

Edmonton, AB: 2 hours, 15 minutes
Calgary, AB: 1 hour, 45 minutes
Red Deer, AB: 1 hour