• Kalani Retreat Center (map)
  • Pahoa, HI

Hawaii Tantra Festival Event: Tantric Masquerade Party "From Primal to Power"

This will be an exploration of your inner erotic animal and your inner god/goddess.  It will be a night of delightful pleasures, discovery and exploration as you show off and practice your inner erotic animal and inner god/goddess! Produced by long time Club Exotica and epic sexy event producer Philippe Lewis (www.ClubExoticaPresents.com www.exquisitelover.com), this will be a sexy yet non-sexual “second base” type of event that will be comfortable and safe for everyone, perfect for those new to this kind of experience as well as those who like “wear their sexy on” like it’s a second skin. There will be an opening ceremony to welcome all into the experience and to get everyone to a connected, open, loving and playful space for maximum pleasure and enjoyment of the evening. Expect to (safely) push your edges and discover new ways to engage and enjoy people around you!