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  • 4600 Chumash Highway
  • Santa Barbara, CA, 93105
  • United States

Join me once again at Lucidity Festival 2017: Eudaimonia for another wonderful year of celebration, exploration, and discovery of a new you as you participate in the offerings of the last chapter of the Lucidity co-created story. How will you integrate what you have learned? Who will you become as you cross into a world yet unwritten and unexplored? 

I will be teaching two classes at Goddess Grove this year:

The Art of Sensation Play
Friday 6:45p

In this fun, hot and playful class, you will begin to expand your repertoire of touch skills and role play. First you will learn simple yet powerful embodied ways to interact somatically with others such as caresses, nails, bites/nibbles, light hair pulling, grabbing, kissing, light spanking, pushing/pulling, wrestling/pinning, flirting/teasing, and more. Next, you will learn and practice simple fun roles to use these skills with, such as the inner animal, the god/goddess, the nymph, and the fairy. All skills and roles will be taught in a container of consent to make all engagements pleasurable and powerfully transformative for everyone.

"It was so great to take your class on sensual touch.... I learned a lot and I'm sad to have missed you're other class! I can't wait to talk with you more. I really appreciated your dynamism, realness and sense of humor!"

"While at a conference in Hawaii, I was fortunate to attend a workshop facilitated by Philippe. This workshop focused on very light BDSM techniques pretty much for beginners although I cannot say that everyone in attendance was a beginner. I certainly was very new to this aspect of play and I found it fascinating. Philippe demonstrated many techniques (biting, nails, pulling hair, spanking and more) -- all things that can either be extremely sensual or very scary to the recipient depending upon how they are delivered and the conversation that takes place ahead of time. Philippe was masterful at describing the conversation for agreement and then demonstrated each technique with a different volunteer from class. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and found it to be stimulating, sensual and informative. Plus, I was the hair pulling model and I found it to be much more yummy than I anticipated. Check Philippe Lewis out! He's fun and hot! Blessings, Laurie Handlers www.ButterflyWorkshops.com"

Fifty Shades of YES:
A Class about Conscious Collaborative Consent
Saturday 12:15p

In this class, you'll learn that the simplest path to consent is making sure everyone is happy with their engagement. You'll learn how to make this happen again and again and again, with maximum pleasure and fun and without fear and doubt. Consent, when done right, is the simplest thing in the world: it is about connection, empathy and creativity (Alternatively, this class can be modified to focus more on community conversation than teaching skills) 

I hope you can make it to both!

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