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I’m happy to announce that I will be one of the select few presenters at the First Annual Canadian Tantra Festival (created by my stellar friends Heidi Loeppky and Blair Gallant), happening June 23-26 on beautiful Shuswap Lake in British Columbia.

There is an amazing group of presenters so that you only have to travel to ONE place to experience many different types of Tantra.

I will be teaching "Fifty Shades of YES: A Class about Pleasurable Consent", "The Language of Touch", "The Art of Sensation Play (aka BDSM for Hippies)" and I will be facilitating a fun playful sexy party for you to practice all the things you learned in my and other teacher's classes! Visit my classes page for more details!

If you are looking for an opportunity to expand your Tantra practice and connect with other like-minded souls, this is for you.

And to make the experience even more incredible, it will be held amongst a prana-rich forest, lake and waterfall of B.C. Oh - and some events will be held on the Tantra houseboat!

At the festival you will get the chance to:
⭑ Meet a community of people dedicated to authentic living
⭑ Expand and stretch yourself out of your comfort zone
⭑ Recharge your lust for life through the powerful combination of Tantra and the natural elements
⭑ Explore various styles of Tantra from amazing facilitators
⭑ Explore which path is the best fit for you
⭑ Try out different Tantra programs with minimal investment

You can be a part of the festival by purchasing a basic pass for $245. This includes unlimited workshops and camping accommodation. From there you are free to design your own adventure by choosing other accommodation options (RV camping, BnB, or even a room on the houseboat), and joining our organic, vegan, gluten free mealplan ($125).

You can buy tickets (see below for the direct link) and find out more about the festival and all the presenters at www.canadatantra.com

Because you are one of my friends, I have a special gift for you when you sign up for the festival - a jade egg.

The jade egg is a tool used in ancient Taoist sexual practices that are starting to get more press these days. If you have lady parts or know someone who does - this can add a whole new dimension to your sexuality!

Use the promo code "PHIL" (or use this direct link https://goo.gl/6u2HrR) when you buy your festival ticket and we'll put aside a gorgeous jade egg to gift you when you arrive. There will also be opportunities during the weekend to learn some secrets of using the jade egg!

I'll be there, and I hope you'll join us as well. It's shaping up to be a memorable weekend already! You can buy tickets and find out more about the festival at www.canadatantra.com. If you have questions, you can also visit on Facebook at www.facebook.com/events/1889726931274071

(PS Visit my website www.exquisite.love to get my FREE eBook "Graceful Connections: Fourteen Games to Enrich Your Power, Pleasure, and Sensuality")