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I just got accepted to teach "50 Shades of Yes!" and "The Language of Touch" at SoulPlay Festival (previously Ecstatic) this coming June! Join me for this amazing gathering of depth, connection, and fun!

Find all the information on my page on the SoulPlay website here!

Here are the class descriptions:

Learning the Language of Touch

Explore touch as a means of communication. The exploration of touch as a language, from touch as a sensation in the body, to the meaning of touch, to speaking touch, to applying the language of touch in everyday life. Perfect for all individuals who want to develop their somatic and primal awareness and communication skills. You'll leave this class amazed by how much bodies can share when you led them do all the speaking! 

Fifty Shades of YES: Creating Graceful Connections

Consent, when done right, is about connection, empathy, creativity, and fun! In this class, you'll learn that the simplest path to consent is making sure everyone is happy with their engagement with everyone else present -- and how to make this happen again and again and again, with maximum pleasure and fun and without fear and doubt. Consent, when done right, is the simplest thing in the world: it is about connection, empathy, creativity, and fun!

Message me for a discount code!