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Feb 27: Class: Fifty Shades of Yes: A Class About Co-created Collaborative Consent
Mar 20: Class: The Art and Practice of Nurturance
Mar 27: Class: Pushing the Edge of Yes
Apr 10: Class: The Art of Sensation Play
Apr 24: (exploration to be announced)

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First taste of this work will be $20. After that, attendance will be $40. For those who wish to come regularly, please ask us about multi-class packages or for the Deep Taste path which includes the classes here. If cost is a challenge, please PM Philippe Lewis

★ What is the ESP Lab? ★

Do you ever feel like the experiences that colour your existence could be more vivid? That some tastes and emotions and feelings might be just beyond your reach? That there is a degree of embodiment and connection to nature that could be yours if you just took that next step? That there is a way to live life and feel reality that you know exists but haven't seen other than in dreams or perhaps medicine journeys?

Then this group and lab were designed for you.

This will be an on-going class inviting the participants to learn connection through emotional, somatic, and primal intelligence. Each gathering will either be a class (by me or a guest teacher), a practice session (related to a class the previous week), or an exploration (with specific agreements/boundaries). The classes will be open to everyone and there will be also a Deeper Taste of the work (along with an exploration of 7 intelligences) offered to those who are looking for this as an on-going and perhaps even a life-long practice, which will include one-on-one coaching, day-long classes and weekend gatherings. Guest teachers will also be invited to teach on Tuesday night classes (for a taster of their work) as well as for those on the Deep Taste journey.

Feel free to invite anyone who might be interested in joining us!

★ What are emotional, somatic, and primal intelligence? ★

⭒ Emotional intelligence can be defined as the ability to connect and engage well with others and the world through feelings and emotions.
⭒ Somatic intelligence can be defined as the ability to connect and engage well with others and the world through our five senses.
⭒ Primal intelligence can be defined as the ability to connect and engage well with others and the world through our instinct and inner animal -- in other words, through the part/layer/aspect of us that lies below our the prefrontal cortex part of the brain.

★ What are some of the classes that will be facilitated? ★

⭒ Learning the Language of Touch
⭒ The Art of Sensation Play
⭒ Pushing the Edge of Yes
⭒ Fifty Shades of Yes: A Class About Co-created Collaborative Consent
⭒ Attachment Theory: A New Way to Look at Relationships and Intimacy
⭒ The Art and Practice of Nurturance
⭒ The Art of Clearing Relationships Karma
⭒ The Healing of Mother & Father Wounds
⭒ The Dance of Attraction and Flirting
⭒ Learning the 5 Keys to Graceful Connections
⭒ The 6 Steps to Powerfully Completing Relationships

★ What are the agreements we play by? ★

⭒ I agree to breathe, to feel, to be present and to be authentic.
⭒ I agree to maintain confidentiality about people’s individual stories and experiences. I am free to speak about my own experiences in ESP Lab.
⭒ I agree to hold my own integrity and to treat my word as sacred. This includes punctually attending events that I say I will attend, following through on payments that I agree to, and cleaning up any impact I may have incurred by being out of integrity.
⭒ I agree to be coachable. I will approach ESP Lab with a beginner’s mind, with openness to not knowing, and curiosity for feedback.
⭒ I agree to request support, guidance, and help using clear direct requests, when I desire it.
⭒ I agree to take full responsibility for the nature of my experience and my impact on others. I agree to refrain from any type of physical misconduct. I agree to honour my healthy boundaries and respect the boundaries others express.
⭒ I agree to attend ESP Lab sober unless otherwise stated as a purposeful exploration within the container of ESP Lab
⭒ I agree to not complain about others and to speak directly to the person I have an issue with. If someone attempts to complain to me about others, I agree to support them to speak directly to the person concerned.
⭒ I agree to ask people for their consent to give them feedback, advice, touch, or companionship before I give it to them. I agree to wait until another suitable time if that is asked for as well.
⭒ I understand that ESP Lab explores sensuality and sexuality. As adults (including facilitators) we agree to be responsible and respectful in our interactions with others. I will use clear direct verbal communications and safer-sex practices when necessary. Genital contact may be invited to occur in some practices; if I am not comfortable with this, I will express my concerns clearly and directly to the facilitators.
⭒ I understand that beyond these agreements, all activities are optional and an invitation.
⭒ I understand that if I break these agreements, I may be compromising the value I receive from ESP Lab, the experiences and well-being of others, and the overall health of the community.

★ What/Who is Exquisite Love Coaching? ★

Exquisite Love Coaching is yours truly (Philippe Lewis) open sourcing his bits of clarity and wisdom with the whole wide world. My purpose is to support YOU and your COMMUNITY on the path of exploration of connection, love, intimacy, relationships, sensuality, and sexuality. My deepest wish is that while on that path, you will meet others like you, love them and support them deeply, and create community with them so that everyone is included and no one is left behind.

When we come together, wisdom and support naturally arise, and this is how SHIFT and GROWTH happen! Welcome to the new paradigm of living and relating. Welcome to the path of Exquisite Love.

★ Who is Philippe Lewis? ★

Philippe Lewis is a Love Coach, Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Trained Somatica Practitioner, and Epic Event Producer. For the last 18 years, he has been exploring love, relationships, intimacy, sensuality and sexuality with individuals and communities through teaching, writing, coaching and events with the goal of growing men and women into better lovers and better humans. He is a father, a lover, a partner, a husband, a teacher, a producer, a writer, a social artist, a coach, a counselor, and much more. He has a deep appreciation for people and life, and his deepest wish is to leave everyone a little bit better and a little bit more delighted wherever he goes ♥