What is an Exquisite Lover?

An Exquisite Lover is not just someone with a great sex life.

An Exquisite Lover is a someone who engages with others with curiosity and creativity

With listening and expression, the Exquisite Lover dances and learns the full humanity of those around them.

With intellectualemotional (empathy)physical (embodiment), social, spiritual and erotic intelligence, the Exquisite Lover discerns who these humans really are and what they are made of: their strengths, their limitations, their skills, their qualities, and their experience.

With focused attention, the Exquisite Lover discovers their state, their pace, their desires, their boundaries, and brings them exactly what they have been seeking -- with their consent -- in the form of connectiongrowthdepthexploration, and practice.

An Exquisite Lover is always learning and growing.

An Exquisite Lover is in service to a greater purpose: amazing humans and relationships.

An Exquisite Lover seeks feedback and cleans up mistakes.

An Exquisite Lover is, above all else, a person who wants to make a positive difference in the world, both with men and women.

Are you ready to become an Exquisite Lover


Where. Will. You. Go. To. Grow?

When you grow as a man or a woman, you'll need good places to do it. Burning Man is the most strange, different, and expansive place I have ever found. You'll find yours. 

See with your own eyes and hear with your own ears. Oh, the places you'll go...