What/Who is Exquisite Love Coaching?

Exquisite Love Coaching is yours truly (Philippe Lewis) open sourcing his bits of clarity and wisdom with the whole wide world. My purpose is to support YOU and your COMMUNITY on the path of exploration of love, intimacy, relationships, consent, and connection. My deepest wish is that while on that path, you will meet others like you, love them and support them deeply, and create community with them so that everyone is included and no one is left behind.
When we come together, wisdom and support naturally arise, and this is how SHIFT and GROWTH happen! Welcome to the new paradigm of living and relating. Welcome to the path of Exquisite Love. 

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Who is Philippe Lewis?

Philippe is a relationship educator. He works with men and women to support them in making better choices for themselves and each so they can become fully sovereign human beings through the practice of connection, trust, intimacy, love, and consent. He is also the happy father of a 7 year old boy who teaches him how to surrender to love a little bit more each day <3

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Photo Rob Perica