The Poly Boundary Cards


The Poly Boundary Cards

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The first and most vital tool you need to open your relationship

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  • Just opening up your relationship? Or still figuring it out?
  • Interested in getting clear where your partner's boundaries are and never guessing again?
  • Want to do it in a safe way without the triggers that can show up when you have boundary conversations with your love?
  • Want a nice, inexpensive way to do it?

My wife Paget and I created the Boundary Cards for all of these reasons. This "game" is basically a way to help share your boundaries with your partner in a safe and clear way. In other words, the cards allow you to share -- in the context of your partner being with someone else - what they can do (actions) and what you need (contexts) in order to feel safe about it. Once you've done a spread, you'll never look at boundaries the same way (especially for those of you for whom boundaries are something obscure and constantly shifting). This will add a lot of clarity to your relationship(s).

Boundary conversations are one of the top 5 challenges that couples initially face when opening their relationship. This game aims at reducing the frustration associated with this particular challenge by making it easy for each partner to speak their particular boundary so that the result does not have to be a single set of equally dissatisfying boundaries for both partners.

What you will get: A PDF file with instructions on how to play the game and a number of cards sheets that will need to be cut with scissors. 

(PS. Soon we will be releasing a pre-printed physical deck and all customers of the digital version of the deck will be sent a coupon for a discount for the physical deck)