"Philippe, you make it hard to date normal men! ;) Your teachings show such a great example of the type of man I feel most drawn to and compatible with that it's hard to take anything less than a man who is present, deeply compassionate, self-aware and constantly growing. And as a result it calls me to become more and more of that in myself!" ~ Meghan Rufener

"I had to write you first thing this morning to let you know how potent & transformative our session was yesterday ... there was some kind of major energetic breakthrough that happened in both of us. Last night I was devoured by a WILD BEAST who gave me no choice but to release fully into the total surrender I have been craving for so long ... I had the deepest and most powerful orgasm of my life and still have delicious orgasmic energy buzzing through my whole body! Thank you thank you thank you for magically vibrating into our field and for your wisdom and guidance. We are so excited to continue working with you and to see what unfolds!" ~ S&A

"One session, and I've had several phenomenal breakthroughs around touch!" ~ AM

“Our conversation was so illuminating! I’m having so many new little insights about myself! I also saw D yesterday and felt so secure, so comfortable, so relaxed and really got to enjoy his presence and how good he feels without needing anything from him. So good!” ~ M

"I wanted to say Thank You! For the moving experience of genuine support I received with you in our session the other day. So many fresh perspectives I hadn't been able to bring into account for myself in the moment... your eyes had to take my story on in order to see with all the heart that you did. After our session I felt a sense of empowerment, compassion and tolerance for the interim which I had not prior access to in the same way. Thank you, for your time, your sight, your genuine concern and insightful counselor~ship." ~KarlyS


Eartha Harris


I just wanna give a shoutout to the invaluable experience of working with a good coach. 

One week ago I started working with an excellent relationship coach to find the root cause of some confusing emotions and panic attacks that started happening for me during my last relationship that I do not want to carry forward. From just one two-hour coaching call, and the week of contemplation and online support that occurred after, I have discovered 2 separate life events that occurred in my early childhood years that not only set the stage for my specific attachment style, but that have effected everything from my relationship to my friends, romantic partners, family members, and even co-workers, colleagues, and yoga students. These events even lead to the determining of my choice of career as a musician! After many months of searching on my own with very slow growth, after working with this coach, I now know the specific trigger of my attacks, and that awareness is enabling me to feel stronger and more confident as a human in SO many areas of my life going forward. 

It even affected my teaching abilities as a yoga instructor last night as I was suddenly able to look all my students in the eyes and feel fully _PRESENT_

If are looking to improve your relationships, not just with romantic partners, but with all humans in general, I highly recommend connecting with Philippe. 

Just giving credit where credit is due. 

Love your coaches!! They are invaluable :)

Laurie Handlers


While at a conference in Hawaii, I was fortunate to attend a workshop facilitated by Philippe Lewis entitled "The Art of Sensation Play."

This workshop focused on very light BDSM techniques pretty much for beginners although I cannot say that everyone in attendance was a beginner. I certainly was very new to this aspect of playshop and I found it fascinating.

Philippe demonstrated three techniques: biting, pulling hair and spanking - all things that can either be extremely sensual or very scary to the recipient depending upon how they are delivered and the conversation that takes place ahead of time. Philippe was masterful at describing the conversation for agreement and then demonstrated each technique with a different volunteer from class.

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and found it to be stimulating, sensual and informative. Plus, I was the hair pulling model and I found it to be much more yummy than I anticipated.

Check Philippe Lewis out! He's fun and hot!



Destin Gerek


Philippe is a true leader. He is willing to go first into uncharted territories of the most sensitive areas of our lives, and he does so gracefully. He doesn’t try to come off as perfect. He shares his flaws and mistakes as opportunities for both his own continued growth and so that his audience can learn through them, as well. He holds space for everyone in his community, those who adore him, and even those who want to lash out publicly against him. He seems to embrace it all, and respond with love and care. Philippe is a solid man of incredible integrity. We need more leaders like this...
-Destin Gerek


Michael Ellsberg

Author of The Education of Millionaires and The Power of Eye Contact

For many periods in my life, I felt I was not as successful relating with women as I would have liked to be. If I was in such a period now, and this offer came around, Philippe Lewis would be the first man I'd turn to for advice. Way more than the abominable "pick up artists" out there teaching men. Philippe is not a pick-up artist, thank goodness, and he does not teach that. 

I've never met a man who has so many amazing women around him, who all seem to adore him, with so little drama. All by being respectful and by cultivating himself as an appealing man to women.

Go Philippe! I'm glad you're spilling your secrets to other men

140519_Jena_BrandPhotos200 copy 2.jpeg

Jena la Flamme

Author of Pleasurable Weight Loss: The Secrets of Feeling Great, Losing Weight and Loving Your Life Today

Where others rush, Philippe lingers, and guides you to also slow down and feel more. Whether you want to know a greater breadth of pleasure and sensation within your own body, or you want to relate more intimately and authentically with your partner, Philippe is equipped with the tools to help you get what you desire.


Amanda Lynne Ings

Traditional Tantra Yoga & Meditation Instructor at www.amandaings.com

Philippe is a man cut like a diamond. Sharp, clean, clear and precise, yet incredibly delicate somehow, and profoundly beautiful. Each side he reveals displays yet another perfect reflection - impeccable in its degree of precision. He has sharpened the spectrum of his studies & craft into a level of mastery I have yet to see in any other in his industry. His heart-based, yet keen intellectual understanding, of the human need for connection, community repair and inner resilience is unparalleled, in my opinion. This makes him an invaluable teaching resource in a world gone mad, and anyone who is given the opportunity to work with him would be wise to seize it! One weekend with this man changed my life. And I’m not just saying that because it’s what we say in testimonials… I have much to be thankful for in my life today due to this man’s capacity for pristine insight, discernment and his highly calibrated sensitivities.

Muse Magdalene

As I rode the erotic wave that he was effortlessly but diligently creating for us I could feel myself opening sweetly but deeply. This is a man who's asking for consent was as seductive as the French he would speak at my request. Bringing me closer to my desires and giving me the most gentle and extraordinary ways to experience them with him. He is a solid man, one with impeccable taste and is as handsome as he is intriguing. The safety mixed with just enough daring makes him an unbeatable combination in all aspects and regards. He is rare and unimaginably talented in so many ways. I wholeheartedly look forward to the next time I can be taken by him.

As I've known Philippe as an unbelievably deep and considerate lover I also know him as a ingenious co~creator of one of the most inspiring relationships of my life.

When I met Philippe I knew, and proposed, that he would be my teacher in learning how to be with a good man. I had been with many good men but was lacking skills to keep interested. I knew the moment I met him he was a great man and would be willing to help teach a good woman to honor herself with a fulfilling relationship. He let me know in that moment co~creation was essential. I respect that quality highly because it takes someone of strength to own their contribution and responsibility in the relationship. He is amazing at changing the game frame from the get go.

Surrender and wisdom would be gathered from this man and that is exactly how he shows up in every person's life. As a teacher of intimacy and in the art of love through dedication and ingenuity, Philippe is in a league all of his own making.

As time and our relationship progressed I deepened not only as a woman but as a human being. His lover techniques penetrate deeper into the person as a whole human than just as one with needs and desires. As he taught me he dedicated himself to learn me. That is in my opinion the epitome of a fantastic lover. One in it for the truth of co-lovership with the other. Not as a sport, or merely as a connection, but as a conscious union in every moment. To see each other as all that you are and all that you can grow to be together.

As our relationship has shifted the loving nature has not. Philippe has created another level to being in a lovership with someone. That being a lover does not stop with the absence of making love. That the love is what you created not only how you shared your bodies. To know love through this man's eyes, heart, and being is the biggest gift you can give yourself. True deep yummy connection that he is willing to share has revolutionized and opened my life to being the person, in love and relationships alike, that I always knew I could be.

Zoe Raven

Lets Talk Sex Dialogue Facilitator at California State University (a program funded by CAL Poly's SAFER)

Thank you so much Philippe! You're willingness and flexibility in talking with my friends and I out of a genuine care for our monthly program is truly inspiring to me. Witnessing you, and how you are in the world is an inspiration for me and how I aspire to live my life as I am approaching graduation and thinking hard about these things... I am so grateful to have came across role models like yourself through the festival community. You presented to us information and personal anecdotes in a way that pulled people in, held their attention, and that communicated well to a relatively diverse crowd of people. Furthermore, you communicate/carry yourself in a way that you are able to meet people where they are at, even if you are talking to a crowd of people who are all in different places. You have showed me what more evolved men and lovers can look like. You show up with such humility in a way that encourages personal development and community while decreasing fear that many of us face in being open to new experiences and emerging in new ways. Planting seeds in unexpected places~~ super amazing work you do!


The most energetically charged moment at Lucidity was definitely in Philippe's classes exploring touch. As a child I had a lot of sensory integration challenges and it limited my world. Now as an adult I have learned to regulate and ground over stimulating senses... Life for me does not normally have such contained experiences to explore touch and feel with another human. I am very very very grateful and I have been experimenting with touch a lot more since the workshop and have felt thing that expand my scope of language. The experiences that Philippe facilitates bring connection and strip atrophy. Thank you!


Truly my participation in your class (The Language of Touch) and the consent panel both were very powerful, and had a lasting impact on me. Thank you for your offering, presence, value, genius, light, and authenticity in sharing and guiding in all the ways you did during the festival! I'm so pleased to have experienced your work and wisdom. You are an amazing stand for authenticity, love and inner/holistic peace. I recognize you and acknowledge you for the immense contribution of your clarity, your offerings through words, support, comfort and just who you are. Who you are and what you stand for is a contribution.. just being. And the permission you give and the language you provide to allow people to access, explore, and integrate is some of the most empowering work I've encountered over my whole life. As profound as my initiation to deeper levels of self love, of self awareness.. glimpses of enlightenment itself. Your work is a momentous gift. You are an even greater gift. Thank you for existing and for your yes to affecting lives in all the invaluable ways that you do...

Huckleberry Lane

It's been some time coming with personal growth work and life lessons but am feeling ready for the Love & Relationship thing again. I was fearing being rusty & insecure, so who better to talk me through this patch than the very professional Exquisite Lover Coach himself, Philippe Lewis! His loving, insightful, passionate & trustworthy essence put me at ease to confide in him what i needed to grow, and he harnessed the time we had to motivate me, help me to see my gifts and pin point how to move forward. I highly recommend Philippe, and hope anyone like me wanting to open back up to love & intimacy and attract who you seek, will make it a yes! & avail yourself of his coaching.

Maren Metke

Healing with Compassion (FB Page)
Healing with Compassion (Yelp Page)
Honey of the Heart (Band)

I felt held and met right where I was at, with such depth of respect, awareness and skill. His intuitive scope of inquiry and genuine care was beamed through a lens crafted with such sensitivity, impeccable presence transparency and self responsibility, that it allowed and beckoned any uncertainty or deeper parts to rise and open for witnessing, growth and release. It is clear that he has invested a great deal of time and care in collecting this ideal set of tools in the coaching/healing realm, as well as shown a deep commitment to his own personal growth and vulnerability in these areas. It was a gift to be held, supported, seen and advised by Philippe, and I highly recommend him.

Gitta Sivander

Presentation and Dynamic Expression Coach

Philippe simply blows me away. The more I learn from him the more I see and experience the multidimensional depth he is offering in his work. Philippe is the embodiment of a woman's dream, and any man that will learn from him will create with no doubt the woman he has been dreaming of. As a woman, I experience great trust when working with Philippe, and it transcends my being into new realms of openness and pleasure. All I can say is, you must work with Philippe, and the experience and transformation will be yours for life!


Jocelyn Agloro

a.k.a DJ Liquid Love Drops
a.k.a DJ Love Jocelyn

What can I say….  Philippe is probably the closest platonic relationship I have ever had with a man besides growing up with my brothers.  Since 2002 I have been working closely with this man on intimate gatherings and now larger gatherings, where we have strived to create a container of warmth, safety, security, specialness, and novelty for our attendees.  Thru repeated meetings and discussions we have created together on differing levels with differing ideas/themes of play and enchantment to have our attendees open up, connect, interact and have an "epic" experience where they walk away feeling connected and inspired for more. 

My experience of working so closely over the years, in sometimes a day by day basis, I have shared a special partnership with this man, as bonded partners like husband and wife but without the sex.  So, in a sexless relationship,  for me it has been interesting as we don’t have that variable to play with in our connection and thereby, our ability to surf thru our frictions, is quite different from my other long term deeper connections with men that I have had.

Because of this special connection, I feel I have learned greatly about myself and how I communicate with men who are my partners in life. Philippe has taught me much about my own communication even when things are rough between us and I was very much wanting to "break up" and walk away, he was always a foundation to stand by our partnership and not walk away but learn how we can grow together, even if we were growing up separately or in differing directions with differing ideas.   

When I feel that he is having his own issues come up between us or others, my experience is that Philippe is always open to learn how he can grow as well and empathize in his own connections with myself and others.  

For me, Philippe is a very special connection that I feel I have been honored to have in my life and at this point, regardless of where our paths lead us, he will always be someone I will be close with. 

Trevor pirate coat Alexander pic.jpg

Trevor Justice


Philippe is a leader in our social circle and epitomizes the “alpha male”. As the person who introduced me in a local community men's circle, he wouldn't sell me out. He held a high standard for the man I could be. 

I had my last counseling session with Philippe the day after a hard conversation with a woman I was dating. My emotions were affecting my sleep. He helped me see things from her perspective, and recognize where my interpretation wasn’t completely accurate. I left our session understanding her better. When I saw her again, I showed up calmer, clearer, and stronger.

Philippe’s intuition is awesome, and he asks just the right questions to reveal the emotion or issue at your core, so you can release it, heal it, and/or rise to the challenge in front of you.

Joe & Dana Muscatello

Philippe thank you for all of your guidance, extensive knowledge and support.  We appreciate the love and care you lead every conversation with.  As we explored this new world, you helped us push the edge of yes, allowing us to lean into new experiences that felt exciting and edgy but not too scary.  We always feel held when working with you.  Your coaching has been priceless for our relationship.

Meghan Rufener

Philippe has been my greatest teacher, most inspiring lover, gentlest healer, compassionate friend, sacred confidant, and loving supporter. Words would only offer injustice to the way my heart loves, appreciates and continues to expand because of this man.

Philippe makes it hard to date normal men! ;)

He's such a great example of the type of man I feel most drawn to and compatible with that it's hard to take anything less than a man who is present, deeply compassionate, self-aware and constantly growing. And as a result it calls me to become more and more of that in myself.

Jordan Chabot

I sincerely enjoyed your art of sensation play class at Lightning in a Bottle.  I came to LiB with little confidence and experience sexually.  After taking your class I met a boy and had the most amazing sexual experience of my life Saturday night.  I remembered what you said and got my inner kitten on and it worked amazingly!

Anonymous (age 19)

I had a massive epiphany concerning myself and my sexuality after having this amazing experience last night (completely sober). I did end up sleeping with someone, but I had him ask for consent for every single tiny thing he wanted to do and decided whether or not he got to do those things. I took complete autonomy and control over my sexual experience and I'm still completely blown away by how powerful that was. I'm still in shock. I definitely wouldn't have had that happen without working with you. Thank you so much!



Dear Philippe,

Thoughts of our time together has never left my mind or my heart. From dancing all night with energetic touch, to centering in a tight gaze, to exploring with passionate laughter, to intellectual mind sex, to being touched on every level, to being engulfed in your piercing charm, to melting in your powerful embrace. 

In honor of you, I have composed a list of some of your Exquisite Loving Ways. 

Your fierce gaze. You have a way of looking at me that makes me feel like the center of the world. And the persistence of your gaze dives deep in my soul, and inspires me to open up to my next level.

The presence you exude. The way you give me your full presence when we are together. Streams of amazing people approach you, and I have watched the way you give each and every person your full attention, and then bring it back to me. It’s a beautiful way of expanding time through deep presence, and continually caring for your community, your wife and your many lovers. 

Also regarding presence: the powerful way you take up space. There is a fierce grace to the way you enter a room and command energy - particularly when you in host mode, but also the way you dance through the world. Your presence is a gift to everyone and uplifts the energy around you.

Your kisses melt every part of my being. 

Cocky Compassionate: It’s like a David Deida Stage 5. You’ve got a sexy Alpha Male quality and yet the way you exude power empowers everyone in your presence. Full confidence mixed with the utmost care for your lovers and your community. This is part of how you inspire deep submission - playing with polarized power with so much care takes it all to the next level. 

You cherish the sacred feminine by cherishing your own sacred masculine. Your acceptance of yourself, your power and your charged sexuality puts me at ease to celebrate my authenticity and my raw sexuality. And this allows me to play in my vulnerable spaces, and somehow makes offering my vulnerability feel like giving you a gift.

Your honesty and clarity. In such a short amount of time, we could dive so deep. I fully trust and honor you.

I don’t know the ins and out of Philippe, but I do know your soul. I can see your compassion, your power, your fierce sexuality, your darkness and your light. I’m grateful for our connection and your Badass Teachings. Bring it, delicious man.


Maribeth Lee Erwood

Philippe is a natural and experienced guide through the oftentimes unnavigatable realms of sexual exploration. It is truly his passion to guide others on this journey, and this passion shines through in all of his work. If you are feeling the least bit lost in your sexual journey, or are intimidated by the process, I can't recommend Philippe enough. He has accumulated an incredibly vast knowledge over the years and applies this wisdom masterfully. Most importantly, the amount of honest compassion, heart and integrity he acts with pours out of his being into his work, making him a powerful healer. He is an exquisite lover, teacher and healer indeed. And if you don't buy it from me, let the reflection of the beautiful family he has created be a testament to that.


Just wanted to thank you for teaching me about love, thank you for showing me a different view of things, thanks for helping me understand other people better, thanks for reassuring me that even though i always try to find what i did wrong there is not always someone to blame. I've wanted to give up on love many times but your words and lessons are of one the reasons I won't give up hope and still open myself up to sharing hearts. 

Big love from Amsterdam

Ivy Joeva

I just had a spectacularly powerful call with Philippe Lewis. I was afraid I was talking in a million different directions, but his patience was unshakable. He was 100% present to everything I brought up, no matter how seemingly unrelated it was to our intention. He waded through all kinds of resistance and conflict, with heroic persistence. By the time we concluded, I felt like skipping through the street. He challenged my self-imposed limitations, was encouraging and nurtured my vision, and at the same time gave me a much-needed reality check when it came to organizing priorities. I went from feeling intimidated and rather directionless, to having a clear-cut path towards creating a sustainable income stream....WHILE clarifying my long-term vision and honing my long-term marketing strategy. What a priceless gift!
Thanks for single handedly transforming my perspective on life :)

April Kidwell

I just felt the desire to share with you how positive of an impact your posts and guidance have had on our relationship.  You are an angel of light and are leading the path for many others to feel safe to explore themselves sexually and deepen their connections with others.  I have always admired you for your honesty and courage and thank you for your selfless encouragement of others on this journey. As Anthony Hopkins says "what other people think of me is none of my business" and another persons choice to suffer is not a reflection of your worth as a person and gift to this planet.  Thank you for being you and thank you for sharing your experiences.


Matthew T.

As an exquisite lover himself, Philippe Lewis is speaking from profound life experience when he supports another man in cultivating his way of being with women. I've benefited greatly from Philippe's words of relationship wisdom. Any man who he coaches is going to have huge breakthroughs and see a major increase in romance, sex, and relating.

I can't recommend Philippe highly enough.

Nader Hekmati

It’s a challenge to encapsulate the impact working with Philippe has had on my life though I can say it has been profound, enjoyable, and lasting. I am consistently impressed with his ability to see me through an empowering lens and meet me where I’m at without judgment and from a place of support. I've seen things I would have missed every time we chat. It’s got me moving in the right direction in my life, and as such I aim to continue working with him.

Matthew Breno

I would like to honor a valued member of the community who came up in a conversation I was having with a close friend this evening. A man who wears many hats,,, a person with a message which stirs frequent controversy, and which insights poetic and philosophical intercourse... with an ego perhaps outweighed only by his giant spirit and heart... sailing the seas of light and shadow of the inner world, unafraid to pierce the veils of taboo, while moving towards what is possible.

It's not an easy, or predictable, or superficial subject-matter when dealing with relationship dynamics. and intimacy. It's even more challenging to put yourself out there, to be the potential object of so much projection, fielding an algorithmically infinite amount of possible scenarios/ideas/perspectives from a diverse and sophisticated audience, (that also has it's share of nitwits) and to do so with grace, humility, and kindness, speaks to an integral component, or role, that is necessary to thrive, as a whole, and is indispensable to the overall health and moral of the community.

And for your contribution in this regard, I salute you Philippe Lewis.

Eleanor Blattel

I really appreciate how you listen & reflect with such clarity and creativity. You are one of the few people out there who I trust and recommend for important sex and relationship issues, and one of those rare souls who can ignite transformation & shift perspective with just a few words. Thank you for being who you are, and for supporting others as part of your contribution to the world.


Wow! Mind blown and feeling better about moving through this process... Thank you Philippe Lewis for being the relationship guru of all times! Seriously amazing insights into self, intimacy, and love. I will never need to look elsewhere for advice and coaching. Pleased and satisfied . ;)))

Stephanie Daniel

Just want to let people know how awesome Philippe Lewis is at relationship coaching. He asked extremely specific questions and never let me off the hook during a late night discussion about my marriage. His insights were beyond the obvious and into the nuance that only someone of his experience could access. I highly recommend him for your relationship coaching needs and am even more excited to see what effect he has in coaching men.