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Relating is often felt and rather than understood.

Just like dancing.

You dance by yourself or find someone to dance with. Sometimes it's fun, playful or hot, sometimes it's weird and uncomfortable as you try to synchronize and synergize with another person's body, heart and mind.

Then you see someone next to you who is totally gettin' DOWN on the dance floor, seemingly effortlessly dancing with everyone and anyone. And doing it so WELL, even to the point of helping and teaching others to do it.

Then you ask them, and they tell you that they have been dancing and learning and feeling the dance for YEARS, that they pay attention to how they dance, that they LOVE dance with all their heart and love spending/sharing time with people that way.

Now, imagine if you could spend/share time -- with those you are attracted to -- through intimacy, touch, and sex -- as if you did it as a dance? As way to be fully self-expressed and fulfilled, and connect deeply with people?

This is my life's work and this is what I teach men and women, through one-on-one coaching and classes, through events and retreats. To support them in becoming amazing and conscious lovers, to dance the dance of intimacy with their partners, dates and loves. To connect deeply with their own bodies and inner animals, to learn the skills and develop the experience to connect with others powerfully and gracefully. To change the way we all perceive sex and sensuality as something to trade into something to share: a dance, a performance, or perhaps a jam session.

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