by Philippe Lewis

When we begin to show up as a leader, we begin to have impact. We want to make a difference and we begin to develop the skills of social, emotional, and intellectual influence. This is power.

Many also, by the same token, begin to explore the skills of primal and sexual influence, some of it consciously, some not.

We may not want to take responsibility for it because we didn't ask for it. Because we didn't consent to it. Or perhaps it's because it's not our problem, because it's not something we chose. Or perhaps it's not something our "group" has been known to impact others with.

But we do choose to speak up into the world to make a difference.


Most, hopefully, will be positive.

But some will be negative.

Or look like it might.

Because we are touching people and they often can't help how they are impacted. Because they don't have the power that we have over reality.

Energetically, we develop that power. So we can have impact, so we can make a difference.

Remember: we are choosing this.

Now we begin to notice to what degree this power, without finesse and skill, can get out of hand. And others notice too. Or they believe it might get out of hand and the are afraid. And there might be some truth to that.

When one has come into their power with maturity, there is never push back around owning up to it and its effects and impact. The bigger we get (energetically, socially, physically), the more easily we can bump into others, and so the more we have to become present to our size and how it can harm or impact others, and the more we have to expand your level of awareness, consciousness, and care in order to move freely around the world.

Or we can care less, which is the path of the narcissist and the sociopath. This doesn't make a leader a narcissist or sociopath per se, just the behavior of not caring up to the level of power one owns makes it look like it. And the impact can be just the same.

Read that one again: the impact can be just the same.

How are you living into becoming a leader with the awareness, consciousness, and care that it takes to do it well?

by Philippe Lewis