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Serenity Gathering Classes: Art of Clearing Relationship Karma and Cultivating the 6 Intelligences for Healthy Living

The Art of Clearing Relationships Karma @ Healing Sanctuary Workshop space, Friday 7:00pm

In this class you will learn to complete a relationship you have with another person is six simple conscious steps. While it will be powerful if this person is present with you, it is not necessary for them to be there. Open to everyone!

Cultivating the 6 Intelligences for Healthy Living (Emotional, Somatic, Spiritual, Social, Intellectual, Erotic) @ Healing Sanctuary space 
Saturday 7:00pm

In this class you will begin to look at the world around you through the 6 intelligences. We will do experiential exercises to help everyone have a better sense of of their ability level in each. By "intelligence", we mean a particular way of perceiving either our inner world or the outside world along with the discernment to respond gracefully to events as they happen. The first -- intellectual intelligence -- everyone know about and is useful in conversations involving the mind, logic, patterns, and analysis. The second -- emotional intelligence -- is also well known and involves the ability to perceive emotions (for example, with empathy) in ourselves and others, and navigate them well. The others are less known but no less important in perceiving and responding what happens to us every day. Open to everyone!