My dear friend Lorna Li interviews me about my favorite topic: the art of becoming an exquisite lover.

This interview is a bit of my journey, a bit of my life, a bit of everything. 

And darn, I must've been excited that day -- and likely a bit nervous -- because I'm speaking FAST! So much to say ;)

Also you'll hear...

- How I found my passion as an intimacy coach
- How I provide support to men and women in relationships
- My primary tools for love coaching
- My vision of sex in our modern-day society
- Stories of clients with powerful transformations after coaching
- What the ‘six indulgences’ of erotic intelligence mean for both sexes
- What it is like working with couples
- The important things in creating positive relationships
- How to use relationships as a crucible for spiritual growth
- The differences of what women and men want in love relationships
- The characteristics of a soulmate relationship

I hope you enjoy it!

Click here to hear the podcast.